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Stephen Rolfe Powell

Members of the Art Program believe that an understanding of various forms of the visual arts — both traditional and innovative — enhances our experience and enjoyment of our surroundings, especially its aesthetic aspects, and that art can provide greater meaning to the lives of those seeking to come to terms with it.

All classes are held in the Jones Visual Arts Center. Media taught include drawing, oil painting, ceramics, and hot glass. The major in studio art culminates in an exhibition held in the gallery of the Visual Arts Center at the end of the student’s senior year.

Majors and minors may choose to continue their education in the visual arts in graduate school as preparation for careers as artists, educators, or staff members in museums, galleries, and other collection venues. But virtually every course in the Art Program also enrolls students from a broad variety of other disciplines.

They come in search of parallels among the visual arts to other forms of human expression—historical, anthropological, literary, musical, and dramatic—both past and present, or merely with a wish to complement their other undergraduate experiences in the liberal arts by grasping more fully the bases of aesthetic meaning and judgment.

Whatever motivation might bring a student into the Visual Arts Center, however, an appreciation for the enduring values of art provides solid support for the life of any educated and inquisitive person.


The ceramic program at Centre is equipped with an outstanding studio facility with ample space for creating. Our firing options rival those offered at any large university. Courses are designed for students to pursue their aesthetic sensibilities within the structure of specific assignments. In our studios, technical knowledge is coupled with creative intent.


Drawing & Painting

These two media are inseparable. After completion of the introductory drawing course, a sequenced curriculum of five integrated painting and drawing courses takes students from their beginning efforts to mastery. Direct observation is emphasized as students work in a variety of media: charcoal, graphite, pastels and oil paint. Throughout the curriculum, students develop the ability to draw what they see and turn that into pictures, learning perspective, modeling with light and shade, and the principles of design. Intermediate and advanced students devote particular attention to studying the human figure and anatomy.

Hot Glass

The combination of excellent instruction and hours of hands-on learning make the Centre glass experience one of the best in the nation. As a student in the art of glass you’ll get a chance to work along side glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell.

Photography & Moving Image

The photography and moving image curriculum incorporates the study of the history of photography, video art, and cinema; exposure to a wide range of photographic, video, and film artists; reading and discussion of critical thinking and current affairs; technical instruction; brainstorming and creativity exercises; and frequent critiques. Students work with professional-level equipment, hardware, and software to develop motion pictures and create photographic prints.

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